Log4js-ext 2.0 is out!

I have added a major feature to log4js-ext, remote logging support, that allows sending log data to your remote web server.

There is built-in support for all major Java logging frameworks: Log4j, Slf4j and Apache Commons Logger. To learn how to use it, visit this link.

Another major addition to log4js-ext 2.0 is a powerful search & highlight feature to log4js-ext log window: now, it is possible for you to filter logs, and then perform fine grained searches for specific values.

If you click the image below, you will see that there is a new search toolbar, and that the logged text is highlighted in several log entries: this is a real time saver when digging into a ton of data.

search and highlight

To make life easier I am hosting the API documentation online.

Log4js-ext is developed using Test Driven Development, to guarantee is is a high quality product. Want proof? Take a look at the test results for version 2.0.

Log4js-ext is Open Source, you can download and start using it now, free of charge.


2 responses to “Log4js-ext 2.0 is out!

  1. Does not seem possible to use just the remote logging “without” using the log window, as log4js-ext-all-dev.js requires RowExpander and StatusBar which are not needed for just remote logging

    • Just so that others do not misunderstand, you can *use* remote logging without using the log window. I’ll assume what you meant is that log4js-ext-all-dev.js contains all log4js-ext files, not just those you want to use for remote logging.

      If you want to hand-pick what to include and what not, get the source files, combine them, and minify the resulting file. Should be easy.

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