Daily Archives: 16/07/2012

Log4js-ext 1.0 is out!

Version 1.0 of log4js-ext, my logging library for ExtJs, is out!

It adds some extra functionality over 0.9 (which was almost a 1.0 candidate), but the main attraction is that it’s been polished to the point of being a product. You know: documentation, multiple file consolidation into a single file, minification, etc.

Here is the new features and improvements list:

  • Detail view for individual log entries:
    The built-in log viewer can show log details in an expanded view.
    That’s great for complex logged objects that will be happier formatted as multiple line JSON.
  • Documentation:
    The wiki provides information for users to be proficient with log4js-ext in no time.
  • Javascript and CSS consolidation and minification:
    This makes using log4js-ext easier as now all that’s needed is to add a single .js and a single .css to use all of log4js-ext.
    Besides, minification has reduced size to less than a third of the original size.
  • Refactored formatters to layouts:
    This is to follow log4j naming, a good thing because there is a thousand pages about log4j out there that might be useful in one way or other to log4js-ext users.
    Should have zero impact, as I doubt there is anybody out there creating custom formatters/layouts as of version 0.9

Besides, the library passes almost thirty unit tests in the latest Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and even Opera versions.