DirectJNgine 2.1 final is out

Today I am releasing DirectJNgine 2.1 final, which adds support for ExtJs 4.1. You can get it here.

DirectJNgine 2.x has been out in the wild for a long time, with an alpha label that really made it no justice, as it was fully production ready.

In order to make it absolutely clear that DJN 2.0 works perfectly well with ExtJs 4.x I have decided to release 2.1 final. This release adds very little to 2.0 alpha 1, just a minor tweak to circumvent a change in ExtJs from 4.0.x to 4.1 that broke an automated test, and a handful of tests. I decided to label this version as 2.1 to make it clear that this version is targeting ExtJs 4.1, a great improvement over 4.0.x.

As always, all ExtJs Direct examples are ported to use DJN 2.1: you can fully port the PHP based examples provided by Sencha to Java in less than five minutes.

Upgrade to ExtJs 4.1

For those of you that use ExtJs 4.0.x, let me tell you that DJN 2.1 will probably work ok, in fact it passes all but one test. But I encourage everybody to move to ExtJs 4.1, as it is a great improvement to 4.0, fixes many issues and is the target platform against which DJN is developed.

Hope you enjoy this new version 🙂

3 responses to “DirectJNgine 2.1 final is out

  1. Welcome back again, Mr Pedro. ;-p

    • Nice to hear from you 😉

      BTW, as of lately I’ve been entertaining the possibility of creating a sort of meta framework on top of ExtJs that would generate a great amount of the UI dynamically, based on Java annotations. Just playing with the idea… If you know of someone that can provide some financing, you are welcome 😉

  2. Financing? Are you kidding?

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