DirectJNgine 1.3 final is out

Today I am releasing DirectJNgine 1.3 final, aimed at adding full support for Google’s AppEngine. As always, you can download it here.

New in DJN 1.3: support for Google’s AppEngine

We are providing support for AppEngine, overcoming the limitations it has with respect to file handling and multithreading.

Check this post for information on how to make an existing DirectJNgine application AppEngine-friendly.

Updated User’s Guide

We keep the documentation up to date: we have added a new Chapter, “9. Google AppEngine support” with detailed instructions on how to set up DirectJNgine to support AppEngine.

Other enhancements in DJN 1.3

  • This version has been tested against the latest ExtJs version, 3.2.2
  • As suggested by several users, I have changed the returned content type to application/json where possible, to help with debugging when using tools such as FireBug.
  • A bug has fixed that broke multithreaded handling of batched requests. Please, note that there is an easy workaround for this, setting the batchRequestsMultithreadingEnabled configuration property to false in web.xml, that allows users to keep using DJN 1.2 final.
  • I am using FindBugs to help ensure DJN is a high quality product.
  • 4 responses to “DirectJNgine 1.3 final is out

    1. Does 1.3 also work with extjs 3.3.1?

      • Haven’t tried yet, but I think it should work.

        To verify this, you can execute the enclosed test app, which will execute more than a hundred regression tests!

    2. hi,

      have anyone trie DJN with weblogic10.3.3, i have problems:

      <Servlet: "DjnServlet" failed to preload on startup in Web application: "MIS.war".
      at com.softwarementors.extjs.djn.jscodegen.CodeFileGenerator.getDebugFileName(
      at com.softwarementors.extjs.djn.jscodegen.CodeFileGenerator.generateCode(
      at com.softwarementors.extjs.djn.jscodegen.CodeFileGenerator.updateSource(
      at com.softwarementors.extjs.djn.servlet.DirectJNgineServlet.createDirectJNgineRouter(
      at com.softwarementors.extjs.djn.servlet.DirectJNgineServlet.init(


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